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Even More Niche Blogs

I try to keep on the lookout for odd, niche blogs out there.  Previously I linked to the remote (as in TV remote) blog and the NFL Cheerleader Blog

The niche blog today is the Payphone Project, which is both a photo blog as well as a news site about payphones.  Make sure to look at the pictures, but here is my favorite-- The Antarctic Payphone at Scott Base, Antarctica  (uhhh, anyone here have 426 quarters they can lend me?)


Though I must admit that this one on Lake Victoria is cool:


I actually first ran into this site when I was working in the online directory world at

Update: While I called this a niche, it must be a big niche, because the Payphone Project has competitors (and here, and jeez, here too)

Coming soon: Carnival of the Payphones?

We in Phoenix Support Our Troops

Hats off to ex-Arizona Cardinals cheerleeder and Phoenix resident Sarah Coggin for being part of the work to support our troops by visiting them overseas.  And here is more on other cheerleader visits here at the NFL Cheerleader Blog (as I have said in the past, if I could get paid to write that blog, my life would be set).  And shame on you cynics who think that I posted this just to have an excuse to get a cheerleader picture on the front page.  I actually did it to get two cheerleader pictures up:

Sarah1  Joint2

More Niche Blogs

Like much of the media, the proliferation of blogs are leading new bloggers to seek out new niches.  Here are two pretty narrow, though as a guy, fairly compelling ones I found today:

The first is the NFL Cheerleader Blog.  Hmm, if I could find a way to get paid to write that blog, my life would be complete.

The other is RemoteBlog, a blog dedicated entirely to universal remote controls.  If that is too niche for you, you might like Gizmodo or Home Theater Blog.

By the way, if anyone is itching to send Coyote a Christmas gift, I will gratefully accept one of these bad boys.