Even More Niche Blogs

I try to keep on the lookout for odd, niche blogs out there.  Previously I linked to the remote (as in TV remote) blog and the NFL Cheerleader Blog

The niche blog today is the Payphone Project, which is both a photo blog as well as a news site about payphones.  Make sure to look at the pictures, but here is my favorite-- The Antarctic Payphone at Scott Base, Antarctica  (uhhh, anyone here have 426 quarters they can lend me?)


Though I must admit that this one on Lake Victoria is cool:


I actually first ran into this site when I was working in the online directory world at Whitepages.com

Update: While I called this a niche, it must be a big niche, because the Payphone Project has competitors (and here, and jeez, here too)

Coming soon: Carnival of the Payphones?

One Comment

  1. Duncan:

    Cool picture of the boat with the telephone booth. Heavens we will never be able to hide from our phones. I wonder do tunas make phone calls. yah, Like it will be! Hay charlie, this is frank the flounder here. Wanna go squidden tonight. The moon is full tonight buddy...yah.