Coyote on TV

I flew to New York to go in studio on the Stossel show today.  I did a brief bit on the minimum wage, a reprise from my earlier cameo on Stossel special.  It will be on tomorrow, Thursday at 9PM Eastern on Fox Business  (not Fox News, Fox Business).

The whole experience was new to me, which made me virtually unique as I was surrounded by policy wonks who do this kind of talking head thing all the time.   By the way, there was no sharing of questions or his plan in advance -- I think they want you cold.  So answers are all in real time.

Please, please, please do not write me or post comments such as "you should have said ____."  It will just depress me.  Believe me, 5 minutes after walking out I thought of 9 things I should have said.  Which is in fact why I blog rather than engage much any more in real time argument.

Anyway, I think his show will be pretty good -- he has Michael Cannon on health care and segments after mine on cash for clunkers and alpaca subsidies.  I shared the green room with an alpaca, which will probably just go to prove the old saying about always getting upstaged by kids and animals.

By the way, I think Stossel must set a different tone for his staff than is normal on TV.  I was talking to one of his producers, a guy that had come with Stossel from ABC, and I asked him if he had studied something relevant to this job in college.  I expected him to say "yes, theater" or "yes, television production."  But he said "yes, economics at George Mason."  I loved that answer.


  1. Matt:

    Awesome Warren! I'll be watching!

  2. caseyboy:

    I'll check it out. Were you announced by your real name or Coyote?

  3. Caroline:

    Econ at George Mason? If he studied anything with Prof Walter E. Williams, he is one lucky dude.

  4. Bearster:

    There are a number of Austrian school economists at George Mason (or for all I know, the entire department is Austrian)

  5. John O.:

    What a shame, I don't have cable tv and I have to wait a month to see it on Hulu.

    -- John O.

  6. Evil Red Scandi:

    @John O - I got rid of cable, but I'm sure this will find its way onto the Internet within minutes...

  7. Hasdrubal:

    @John O and Evil: has Stossel's TV shows online, legally even. I don't think they get posted immediately, there might be a week or two delay, but they do show up. And they have the rest of the season available while you're waiting.

    And hey, at least you were in the studio this time. Weren't you talking over your interviewer the last time you were on TV due to transmissions lag?

  8. greg:

    yeah, does anyone know where I could find this at? Stossel often has good stuff on, but DISH doesn't carry fox business. (as far as I can tell, hardly anyone does!)

  9. Mike:

    Sometimes Stossel's shows can be found on

  10. Brian Dunbar:

    but DISH doesn’t carry fox business

    Wiki page for FBN claims it's on DISH starting 2/2/2009, 206 (SD), 9476 (HD).

  11. Elliot:

    I'm afraid I won't see the show till I get into Hulu.

    But you are not alone in finding your best inspiration until after the moment has passed. Freud called them "Stair Step thoughts" [try that in German]. And if he could have them then you can't be doing much wrong.

    And in case you or anyone else was wondering, this is what progress looks like.

  12. Bill:

    I think you came off very well. Too rehearsed and you would look like a hired gun. Much better to just say I'm a business owner, I hire people in their 70s, when the minimum wage increased my costs increased, so I had to replace people with machines.

  13. J Howe:

    I thought you did fine, although I thought that John gave too much time to the progressive and not enough to you and the other non-progressive guests. It was a good show, but very hard to listen to the all knowing progressives spout their Keynesian nonsense.

  14. Stan:

    I thought you did really well, especially in the short time you had. That other guy seemed to imply your automated machine was equal to or greater than 1 job. Heh.

  15. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    > But he said “yes, economics at George Mason.” I loved that answer.

    He probably knows Mark Perry of Carpe Diem as well as Dr. Williams.

    > There are a number of Austrian school economists at George Mason (or for all I know, the entire department is Austrian)

    I -believe- it is more monetarist/Friedmanite/Chicago School, but I'm sure it's more balanced than most NeoKeynesian universities. The primary Austrian School in the USA is Auburn, in Alabama, which is where is based out of. You could do worse than claim an economics degree from either.

  16. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    > Freud called them “Stair Step thoughts”

    The french term for it is "L'esprit de la stair" or something of that sort -- "The Spirit of the Stairway"... not sure which came first, the Freud or the French. And that's a double-entendre for the intellectual, if ever there was one.

  17. Sameer Parekh:

    I met a stossel producer at a cato event last year or something like this. she had a really cool background. of course I forget what it was. Something involving ISIL I think? Or maybe FEE.