OK, This is Actually a Kind of Cool Application of Green Technology

MUCH better than stockpiling food and ammo in some crappy mountain retreat, this is the way to ride out the end of civilization.


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  3. gadfly:

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  4. rxc:

    They don't talk about spare parts. Everyone who sails a boat or a ship on the ocean stocks up with everything they think they might need during the trip, and can carry, because there are no UPS deliveries out there. I can think about a LOT of things that could go wrong on this large vessel, and if the people are not prepared to fix these things, they will just become part of the wreckage they hope to avoid.

  5. bob sykes:

    Considering the level of violence in a post-collapse scenario, the only viable sea-borne refuge would be a Napoleonic era frigate with modern guns.

  6. George Weinberg:

    If your budget for the mountain retreat is 17 million dollars, it probably wouldn't be all that crappy.

  7. DisparityFlux:

    ... and the tranquil scene, a calm blue sea with subtle lapping of waves against the hull, was immediately broken by the shrill cries, "Smokers!!"

  8. Gil:

    If it's green it's always evil. How many Native Americans were forced off their land to build the solar panels for that yacht?