Macro Economics and Climate Science Converge

Over at my climate blog, I discuss the amazing similarity between Obama's claims for the effects of the stimulus and the IPCC's claims for the effects of CO2 on past temperatures.  Both seem to reach their results by assuming that all the other variables in a complex system (climate or the economy) can be isolated and assessed and coincidentally are exactly the value necessary to prove that the variable under study (CO2 or the stimulus) had exactly the effect the studies authors thought it would.


  1. Mesa Econoguy:

    Nobody believes Obamalini's economic tripe (see market action today; -2.5 - 3%), and nobody believes the IPCC.

    Match made in heaven.

  2. caseyboy:

    Right on the mark. Obama and his financial advisors would have us believe that the Federal Reserve's cheap, expansive monetary policies had nothing to do with what little growth we've had. You also have to ignore the natural tendency of US business people to persevere in against the headwinds created by the government. No, none of that has anything to do with the economy. It is all about the government workers (union and otherwise) whose jobs were saved or created. And lets not forget all that stimulus we are going to get from extending unemployment compensation to over 100 weeks. How about a new name for any money paid over 6-months? Something like "Welfare" seems to fit.