Health Care Trojan Horse

My column this week at is on government health care and the incentives and pressure it creates to micro-manage individual behaviors and diet in order to (in theory) reduce government health care costs.


  1. gadfly:


    Very timely piece on the changing face of healthcare. Rush was all over it this morning, when he discussed the latest atrocity ... ending private healthcate by imposing free health care by fiat, to be borne by insurers. it is all here in the NYTimes.

    http://www.nytimes.c ​om/2010/07/15/health/pol​icy/15health.html?_r=1

  2. mesaeconoguy:

    quo usque tandem Cesarius Ubaminus

  3. gn:

    I remember visiting a company in Copenhagen and going to lunch at the cafeteria with the employees. After lunch each day they all dutifully walked by a table near the exit and took five pieces of fruit back to their desk. Not 3, not 6; always 5. I asked why and was told they were required to take and eat that many pieces of fruit each day by their government as part of the health plan. I'm not sure how it was enforced, or the penalties for failure, but they sure took it seriously...