I Am Not Sure This Is In Your Members' Best Interests

I got a press purportedly from a group of Latino political groups that included this:

National Latino organizations representing over 2 million people have united for the first time to urge for the approval of clean energy and climate legislation. As part of the effort, the coalition delivered a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, members of the US Senate and the White House calling on them to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation this year.Citing the economic and health benefits such legislation would bring to the Latino community, the letter urged swift action.  Across the country Latino communities, organizations and businesses are raising their voices in support of clean energy and climate change legislation. The Latino coalition is also launching an ad campaign, titled "Estamos listos" or "We're Ready," to urge the federal Government and Congress to act.

Action on climate and clean energy this year is critical to the Latino community and the country as a whole.  Latinos face an unemployment rate higher than the national average at 13%, and a clean energy and climate bill could create thousands of new jobs in a green economy benefitting not only Latinos but the rest of the country, as well.

I was fairly amazed to see a group that represents a lot of low-skilled workers and poorer families support a new, quite regressive tax.  I wrote them

I'm curious if your organization honestly believes that Latinos would be helped by higher energy prices that are the inevitable result of the bill, or is support for this legislation a quid pro quo to get Democrats in Congress to support legislation that you care about more?  Even if a thousand of your members get a new job building windmills, and even assuming none of them are working in energy-intensive industries that might have layoffs due to higher electricity prices, I still count 1000 who have a better job and 1,999,000 who just have a higher electricity bill.  Given the tragic hostility of my state (Arizona) right now to the Latino community, I just can't believe you don't have something better to work on right now.


  1. Sean:

    A desparate attempt at a political logrolling. I guess these Latino activists never went cruising the main drag in radically modified automobiles.

  2. Dave:

    More evidence that your idealism on immigration is completely disconnected from the policitical realities of here and now.

  3. John O.:

    This really has my head scratching... with everything going on it is backwards. Why would such a group waste its time on this when its facing implied racism in Arizona. Its quite possible that this is just a stunt/hoax and considering all things, I'd say there's a decent chance it is.

    -- John O.

  4. ADiff:

    How do such advocates respond to those studies showing that for every 'green' job sustainable energy programs create more than one 'traditional' job is lost? Is there any data at all showing any net increase in either employment or productivity from 'green' taxes and regulations or subsidies?