The Ever-Predictable Sheriff Joe

Via Valley Fever, Sheriff Joe is expanding his outdoor jail whose conditions are substantially worse than those at the nearby WWII POW camp where German prisoners were held.

In the words of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, 17 years ago today, "on a swelteringly hot day in 1993, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio opened the doors to the nation's largest canvas incarceration compound. Tent City, as it became known, would prove to be one of Sheriff Arpaio's best known and potentially most controversial programs."

Today, Arpaio's celebrating the anniversary by unveiling a new section of the compound: "Section 1070," specifically designated for those arrested under Arizona's controversial, new immigration law.

The new section can hold an additional 100 inmates but Arpaio says he expects that number to grow.

"Citizens here sincerely hope that SB 1070 will result in large numbers of illegal aliens being captured and arrested by local law enforcement officers," Arpaio says. "I'm not so certain that will actually happen. But on the assumption it does, then as the Sheriff of this county, I am ready. Tent City is ready. There will never be the excuse that this jail hasn't enough room for violators of SB 1070."


  1. Steve:

    On one side you have the people who actually passed this mess backing off on the significance of the bill. On the other side, the side that actually enforces it, you have a...well, a Sheriff Joe mentality. The only way large numbers of illegal aliens are "captured" is through racial profiling; something that, from what I understand, isn't supposed to happen under the law. But then again, it's not supposed to happen now and we've all seen how Joe operates.

  2. Steve:

    Just another thought…

    Does “The sovereignty of foreign countries” go above or below God in the Standard Hierarchy of Conservative Values? Because based on everything I’ve heard, it should definitely be above family (and the well-being thereof) because everyone knows we can’t expect anyone to want to give a better life for their families if it comes at the shame of being an illegal.

    Here’s the best I could come up with:

    1) God
    2) Respect for other countries’ borders
    3) Family
    4) Country
    5) Thing that is really important, but its importance is being downplayed.

  3. skh.pcola:

    Steve, you are making the assumption that God is on the "Hierarchy of Conservative Values" for every conservative. It isn't, although hysterical leftists and loopy Libertarians often make that same mistake.

  4. gadfly:

    The new trend is law enforcement, at least according to liberals and libertarians, involves the skills of a seer or a charlatan. Mind-reading is not among the skills taught to law enforcement officers, judges and jury members, so I am unable to comprehend just how legal concepts such as "racial profiling", "hate speech" and "hate crimes" can become part of our written laws.

    The stupidity of strip-searching a physically-impaired 98 year old grandmother because we cannot discriminate against Muslims is nothing short of assinine. So is the leniency shown to Hispanics because law enforcement officers want to avoid being accused of racism.

    The reason for passenger screening and for enforcing our borders is safety of the populace. Somehow it is OK for everyone to endure the long lines at the airport, happily displaying ID's for cigarette and booze purchases (here is Indiana everyone gets carded!)and producing a drivers license when checking into your health care clinic but God help us if we want to seek out illegals, dangerous or otherwise, by asking Mexican-looking people for ID papers.

    Discrimination is not a bad word. We all do it when we buy clothes, order from a menu or pick out our life-mate. By turning our backs on our own immigration laws, we have harmed a great number of foreigners, who cannot throw open their blinds each morning and greet the sunrise. A permanent underclass of illegals are now here and American society has suffered for this "kind" non-enforcement act by the socialists that run our government.

    Sorry fellows, I just don't have enough hankies to pass around ... and racism is not a one-way street.

  5. Lawrence:

    Hmmm. German POWs vs illegals. Illegals vs German POWs. Illegals have broken U.S. law. German POWs didn't break U.S. law, for the most part. They were simply detained - legally -under The Law of War. Then after WWII they were repatriated.

    So it seems quite appropriate for illegals to get lesser quarters than German POWs.

    BTW, the Germans were taken prisoner by a form of "racial profiling". Their dress and language gave them away. :)

  6. MJ:

    "They were simply detained – legally -under The Law of War. Then after WWII they were repatriated."

    So then why aren't the "illegals" being repatriated? Why are they being stuffed in an outdoor concentration camp in 100+ degree heat? The real reason is that big government begets bigger government. Thanks for the stellar example, Sheriff Joe.

  7. caseyboy:

    MJ, the illegals will only be in tent city as long as it take for US immigration service to deport them. Remember, according to existing Federal immigration law, local law enforcement is supposed to refer illegals to the Feds. So the duration of their stay will be determined by the Federal government. If the Feds continue to ignore the issue then the stay will be longer and Sheriff Joe will need a bigger tent.

  8. Mark:

    Bigger tent? Have y'all been suckin' on some of dem RINOs? They's all fo' bigger tents!

  9. Rick:

    "Why are they being stuffed in an outdoor concentration camp in 100+ degree heat?"

    Oh the humanity! What about all of us who have grown up in the south living in that 100+ degree heat? What's the climate like where all those illegals are from? You reckon they were all living in air conditioned comfort before they jumped the border?