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Wherein the Left is Faced with the Uncomfortable Fact that Individuals are Different

Wow, you mean different individuals actually have different preferences and value procedures in different ways?  Weird!  Who would have ever thought that everyone would not be silently satisfied at whatever one-size-fits-all solution is crafted by Congress and other people who apparently "know best."  The concept seems to throw Kevin Drum for a loop.

If we all paid for minor stuff like this out of pocket, there would not be a problem.  We'd spend or not based on our own preferences.

As a side note, my wife is a worrier.  And she has seen at least three of her friends under-50 in the last year be diagnosed with breast cancer.  No matter what the elites say, for my wife the right answer is to test.  The resulting worry she would have from not testing would dwarf, in terms of quality of life, any downsides of the test.  Which is also why we have paid to have several questionable things biopsied even when doctors said it probably was not necessary.  Know thyself.