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Know Your Enemy

I want to thank Tom Nelson for the pointer, because I usually don't hang out much at the Socialist Unity site.  But I thought that this post was telling.

While it may be urgent that we create a red green alliance to
strengthen radical social action to stop climate change, our collective
problem is how are we going to do that?

The Climate Change Social Change Conference
held in Sydney Australia during April tried to tackle that
challenge.This was a bold attempt to bring together left and green
activists in order to locate a shared perspective around which we could
begin more consciously organize....

Foster and Perez urged the conference's participants to consider
socialism as the only viable solution to the climate emergency. This
was a persistent theme discussed throughout the three day event as
speakers were drawn from a range of environment movements and
organisations (such as the Australian Greens and Friends of the Earth)
as well as academic specialists "” who preferred solution packages which
were not consciously committed to a socialist transformation of

Chocolate Blogging

Lynne Kiesling of the Knowledge Problem has been blogging on just what chocolates are the best in the world (her normal beat is economics and electricity markets).  In this post, she answers my question about my wife's favorite, Maison
du Chocolat
, and how it compares to her favorites.

I am reminded of my kids' favorite Johnny Depp line from Chocolat:  "good, but not my favorite".

By the way (just to make this post totally stream of consciousness), I think it would be impossible to have Lena Olin's character in Chocolat be any different than her role as Sydney's mom in Alias.