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Volume Gouging

I was just volume-gouged on gasoline today in Atlanta.  I was returning my rent car, and needed to fill the tank.   Stations here seem to fear a hurricane-related gas shortage, to the first station would only sell me 10 gallons maximum.  The second claimed to be out of gas.  At the third I was able to fill my tank the rest of the way.  These stations gouged me on volume, simply because they didn't have the simple courtesy to re-price their product upwards in a shortage in order to ensure continued availability of supply.

By the way, memo to news guys -- telling everyone to run out and fill their tanks RIGHT NOW in order to avoid a possible gasoline shortage will only precipitate said shortage.  If everyone fills his or her tank at the same time, this shifts inventory from large regional reservoirs to individual reservoirs (e.g. gas tanks), the most inefficient of inventory storage models.  Having every car's gas tank go nearly instantaneously from 5/8 full to full requires something like 600 million gallons of draw down from retail and wholesale inventory to car fuel tanks.  The system cannot survive that in 24 hours, and the hypothesized shortage becomes a reality.

Postscript:  By the way, the question of whether to run out and fill your tank tonight is a classic prisnoners dilemma game.  We are all better off if no one does it, but each invidividual probably maximizes his or her well-being by deciding to fill up, so everyone does it.

Nanny State 911

I am searching around to get confirmation that this is not a hoax (ala blondestar, which is hilarious by the way if you have not ever heard it) but seems to think it is really a 911 call so check it out, via the Club for Growth Blog.  I won't give any more details, but it is definitely worth a listen if you want to hear the end game for the Ralph Nader regulatory state.

UPDATE:  OK, (thanks to Kevin Drum for the link) so I can share a tidbit now:

Operator: "... dept, how can I help you?"
Bitch: "Yeah, I'm over here...I'm
over here at Burger King, over here in San Clemente."
O: Mmm-hmm.
B: Um,
no, not San Clemente, I'm sorry, um I live in San Clemente, um, Laguna Niguel I
think that's where I'm at.
O: Mmm-hmm.
B: I'm at a drive-thru right
O: Uh-huh.
B: I ordered my food THREE TIMES, they're mopping the
floor inside and I understand they're busy, they've not even busy okay I've been
the only car here. I asked them four different times to make me a Western BBQ
burger. Okay and she's given me a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, cheese,
onions. And I'm not leaving, I want a Western burger because I just got my kids
from Tae Kwon Do they're hungry, I'm on my way home and I live in San
O: Uh-huh.
B: Okay. She GAVE me another hamburger, it's wrong. I
said 4 times, I said I want it, she said 'Can you go park out in front' I said
NO, I want my hamburger RIGHT. So then the lady came to the manager or whoever
she is and she came up and she said, um, she said um, 'Do you want your money
back'. I said no, my kids are hungry and I have to jump on that 12 freeway. I
said I am not leaving this spot, and I said I will call the police, because I
want my Western hamburger done RIGHT. Now is that so hard?
O: Okay, what
exactly is it you want us to do for you?
B: Uh, send an officer down here. I
want them to make my order right.
O: Ma'am, we're not going to go down there
and escort your Western bacon cheeseburger.

Believe it or not, there is much more.  Very funny if its a put-on like Blondestar, and even funnier if its real.