If Blacks on Campus are Mad about Institutional Racism, why aren't Asians exploding in anger?

So if Yale and Amherst are institutionally racist despite giving African-Americans (on average) a 100+ point break on SAT requirements for entry, why aren't Asian Americans exploding given they start in a 100+ point hole?  And can anyone imagine a college president turning around from her trip to London (as did Biddy Martin of Amherst) to talk to a group of aggrieved Asian students?  I would contend that Asian Americans get stereotyped and discriminated against in far more meaningful ways on major college campuses than do Blacks and Hispanics.

Bonus:  watch Asian student get crushed by "tolerant" and "diversity-minded" protesters at Claremont McKenna.

Using "diversity" to justify totalitarianism, and "tolerance" to justify speech restrictions.


  1. mogden:

    In the progressive mind, Asians can be considered privileged like whitey whenever it suits their narrative that it be so.

  2. Andrew_M_Garland:

    "Why aren't Asians exploding in anger?": Because they are smart.

    Attending college is supposed to help that individual succeed later. What is the best strategy if one finds oneself in the middle of a socialist gang protest? Joining in marks you as a troublemaker, even if the institution is racist. Future employers and academic institutions do not want protestors.

    If the institution is truly racist, then keeping a low profile is best, or transfer. Attack the institution after graduation when the costs are not as large and personal.

    These protests prove that the affected colleges are not racist. A racist institution would proudly expel the protesters. Racist institutions are proud of being racist.

    Of course, it is silly to protest against an institution which is not actually racist. True, Asians are at a disadvantage under our government imposed discrimination rules, ironically called Affirmative Action policies. But, those racist policies are embedded in our socialist federal government and are not affected by college level protests. If you are Asian and already admitted to the college, there is no point to protesting. Getting the degree and living a good life is the best revenge.

  3. John O.:

    Freedom is Slavery! War is Peace!

  4. morganovich:

    why aren't asians exploding in anger?

    probably because they are too busy getting an education.

  5. obloodyhell:

    INtolerance in the name of Tolerance. It's what PC is all about...

  6. Bram:

    Yes - Attack after becoming rich and powerful. Try walking into an Asian run business and spouting PC victimology phrases during a job interview.

  7. August Hurtel:

    Because they can actually handle the coursework.