First they came for the college presidents, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a college president

I have seen Conservatives arguing that we should just sit back and laugh at what is going on at college campuses, as Progressive college faculty reap what they have sown.  I disagree.


  1. Fred_Z:

    Niemoeller wrote about the state coming for innocents. This is different. College presidents are anything but innocent. They are leftists to the bone.

    It's like saying first they came for the burglars, ... then they came for the forgers ... then they came for the murderers, ...

    It's good to see Bolsheviks eat the Mensheviks. This is a fight where we should all hope both sides not only lose, but also get crippled in the process.

  2. marque2:

    It is hard to argue on behalf of college presidents when the capitulation instantly. We need one to take a stand so we can support them. If the Missouri Pres stood his groud, I could about and scream on his behalf, but the guy folded before I could even lost a comment on line.

  3. jdgalt:

    About the only remaining conservative college president I can think of is Hillsdale College's Larry Arnn. And he isn't in any danger because Hillsdale doesn't accept tax money. Indeed, if there were any other conservative president of a private college I'd hope s/he would follow Hillsdale's example. All these idiotic new mandates from the federal Dept. of Education, especially the kangaroo courts for "rape", are a fantastic incentive for colleges to wean themselves from the taxpayer teat. The federal government has no constitutional authority to be funding schools anyway (except in DC and the military).

  4. bigmaq1980:

    "Niemoeller wrote about the state coming for innocents. This is different."

    Does that matter?

    It is the principle that gets lost.

    If we are quiet about the principle when faced by those who would take it away, or worse, cheer them on, we only embolden them to go further.

    If the outcome could miraculously turn into some backtrack by the progressive thought and political leaders on this whole victimhood mentality, it would be worth cheering this. Don't bet on it.

    More likely, it will be a wasted opportunity, as folks sit back and take in the schadenfreude.

  5. bigmaq1980:


    When there is "zero tolerance" on an "offensive" idea (subjectively, in the eye of the beholder), usually, in practice, there are zero boundaries, and zero judgement too. A recipe for a witch hunt.

    How did we / are we planning to respond to that? Or, are we waiting for "the Bolsheviks to eat the Mensheviks"?

    Not saying it is undesirable that these guys get caught up in their own witch hunt.

    But, how are we shaping the outcome so that we nudge the ball in our favor vs letting the leftists' "victory" push it forward for them.

    That it gets this far is more a sign that we are losing that battle, badly, not something to cheer about.

  6. jdgalt:

    O ye of little faith...

  7. stan:

    This is silly. Who is "they" who are coming for the presidents? Not the military. Not the police. Just a bunch of whiny panty-bunchers. And how do "they" come for me? Or any other sane, intelligent American? By whining? Who gives a rip. They can whine 'til they wheeze.

    And who is staying silent? Most everyone on the right is pointing out that the Soros/Obama funded little twerps are ridiculous assholes.

  8. MJ:

    It's kind of hard to square this post with the one from just a few days ago regarding vicious internal politics in Pennsylvania.

  9. jdgalt:

    I give up: where's the contradiction?

  10. Bram:

    I spoke out and nobody cared.

  11. Bram:

    Mitch Daniels is President of Purdue.

  12. bigmaq1980:

    Thanks. Maybe not a lost opportunity after all! :)

  13. MJ:

    In that situation Warren felt the appropriate response was to just sit back and laugh at the dysfunction in the PA legislature and watch it implode from within. Not so with the dysfunctional situation on college campuses.

    p.s. Sorry for the late response. I haven't logged in to the site in a while.