Celebrating Earth Day

Unfortunately, the combination of April being our busiest month every year (when all our seasonal operations start up), the addition of operations in two new states (which requires a myriad of registrations, permissions, licenses, etc), and several unusual very late bid packages for the operation of parks means that I am working on Sunday.

I spent my first hour of Earth Day, appropriately enough, fiddling with my building's computer HVAC system, trying to get the air conditioning (normally off on a Sunday) turned on.  I was finally successful, so I can now enjoy a comfortable Earth Day even in nearly 100 degree Phoenix weather, thanks to modern technology and a generous helping of fossil fuel combustion.


  1. Don:

    After work, you should celebrate by renting an H1 and going for a long, slow drive in 1st gear up a mountain to consume the maximum possible amount of fossil fuels, then head home to turn on every light and appliance in the house until midnight.

    Now THAT'S a celebration!

  2. txjim:

    Today is my good day to burn my brush pile. I may throw a few tires on there if I can find any.

  3. Mark2:

    Come on it is the Eco-freak high holy holidays, starting on Friday with the 420 celebrations, and ending tonight - basically finishing up the 420 celebrations.

    You should be out tokin' it up, dude. What is that matter with you dude.

    I guess I am not one of them either. I am also at work today.

  4. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States:

    In honor of Earth Day, I bring you:

    George Carlin on "Saving the Planet".

    courtesy Carpe Diem.

  5. Smock Puppet, 10th Dan Snark Master:

    >>> means that I am working on Sunday.

    So, you're celebrating Earth Day by paying for all the idiots celebrating Earth Day?

  6. me:

    On the other hand, earth day is brought to us courtesy of the kind of bleeding-heart pinko-liberalist lefties who still believe that police should have warrants to search homes: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/Man-who-resisted-police-wins-Supreme-Court-case/-/1719418/11359286/-/ufqpin/-/index.html

    When will this madness stop? I for one long for it to be replaced by a proper celebration of our Fuehrers birthday.

  7. Doug:

    @me: note that it was a 5-2 decision, with two republicans justices dissenting. "Being republican" means nothing anymore.

  8. txjim:

    Brush burning update: I was able to find an old tire (the neighbor's) and an old rubber garden hose. The fire burned brightly, as I proudly sang a lullaby to that ass clown heading up East Anglia.

  9. me:

    @Doug: Yeah, in a nutshell what politics is today.

    I like the idea of Republicans (small government, vibrant enterprise) and the idea of Democrats (fairness and freedom to live your way) much better than reality (extreme spending, no accountability, overregulation, fascist approach to power and no benefit whatsoever for both cases)