Another Reason to Love Fracking

Anything Vladimir Putin fears can't be all bad

Whilst it is exceedingly difficult to summon up much sympathy for either Russia’s state-owned natural gas monopoly Gazprom or Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin, the dynamic rise of natural gas produced by hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking,” has raised alarm bells in the highest reaches of the Kremlin.


Because Gazprom’s European customers, tired of being ripped off by Gazprom, are avidly exploring the possibilities of undertaking fracking to develop their own sources of the “blue gold,” and nowhere is interest higher than in the Russian Federation’s neighbors Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and China.


  1. Sam L.:

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

  2. sean2829:

    And while the Kremlin adjusts is sales projections downward, the people that invested in carbon certificates didn't count on a 70% drop in the price of carbon in the ETS scheme. This folks that bought into this "market solution" now want the EU to fix the market. Where's that certainty from regulators when you really need it. It's really kind of funny, it ALL about the money.

  3. me:

    Aw, don't you worry, the Rus has a fine big army and those countries are just longing to be part of the Rodina again.

  4. marco73:

    The earth is chock full of energy, if we just look a little.
    Of course the environmentalists (paid for by Putin) will try to use all kinds of roadblocks.