Newsweek Has Totally Lost It

Newsweek has for a number of years been the poster child for the lost traditional media trying to find its way in the digital age.  Tina Brown was supposed to have been the brilliant media mind brought in to save Newsweek, but if anything she has made Newsweek even more of a joke.

Her major focus seems to be to use Newsweek as a platform for self-promotion, beginning in her first issue when she used the cover to promote her upcoming women's conference and stroke her friend Hillary.  This week, she gives the cover over to promoting her biography of Lady Diana with a concept that People Magazine would probably have passed on -- what would it have been like if Diana were still alive.  Seriously.  This is how far this magazine has fallen, trying to envision how the recent Royal Wedding would have been any more of a circus for the rich and over-dressed had Diana been in attendance.

But I probably would not have bothered to blog about it had it not been for this cover I saw in the airport.  Check out the horrible zombie Diana.  Jeez, is this a real story or a preview of Left 4 Dead 3?  Pre-order now and get custom DLC including the solar-powered chainsaw and the zombie Lady Di.  (You may have to click to enlarge to see the full horror).


  1. perlhaqr:


    (Sorry, it's weak, but I couldn't think of anything stereotypically British that even sort of rhymed with "brains".)

  2. Bram:

    Wow, talk about bad taste! They photoshopped a Mercedes hub-cap to her forehead. I'm sure the doctors would have removed it if she had survived.

  3. marco73:

    2013 - they photoshop a cover of the defunct magazine Newsweek onto a People profile of Tina Brown's latest endeavor, whatever that is.

  4. el coronado:

    your manhattan intellectual superior elites at work. a pity they seem to have envisoned such a tawdry post-crash "life" for poor dead Di: they seem to have assumed she'd have been ingesting a LOT of coke & meth in her '40's. OTOH, that *would* explain the hat.

  5. Dan:

    I got mine last night and had the exact same thought (Newsweek is losing it).

    I remember back in the 80's when Newsweek was a serious news magazine that actually did a pretty good job covering all the key issues with a nice way of summing things up that wasn't possible with a daily newspaper.

    Even a few years ago, I enjoyed reading it because it featured a variety of interesting columnists of various points of view, even though news coverage was no longer the emphasis.

    But this is a real low.

    Forget the journalistic integrity questions posed by putting an altered photo on the cover. Even if that weren't an issue, who the heck cares about Princess Diana? Even when she was alive I can't think of anything she did to justify being on the cover of a serious news magazine. And now she's been dead for 14 years, so she's even less relevant. Save her for People and US.

  6. Xmas:


    Now I need to know your Steam handle...

    I'm Dr. Tran

  7. Ian Random:

    Too bad Newsmax never got to buy Newsweek, I might actually have considered buying an issue.

  8. dwall:

    uh,, she might be wearing a Dodi Fayed burka, like Tony Blair's sister-in-law ugh.