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Radley Balko wins journalist of the year award. I used to say he was the best reporter on the web but he is one of the to reporters in the country in any medium. His work on police and prosecutorial abuse has been critical in an era when the media is generally in the tank for tough on crime overreach (eg love affair of press with sheriff Joe).


  1. Jens Fiederer:

    Well, "the Los Angeles Press Club, which rewards journalism committed between San Diego and Santa Barbara"....

    Personally, I think he deserves NATIONAL recognition. Unfortunately, I don't think I get to vote on the Pulitzer Prize.

  2. Mary:

    Agreed. Radley is the man.

    Now, if I could just control my blood pressure while reading his columns ...

  3. Dr. T:

    It's great that Balko got the awards. It's tragic that so few people read his reporting. But, Balko is outside of the mainstream media. The left-wingers in the MSM believe that nannystate governments, with expert guidance, are best for us all. The MSM doesn't like Balko's reports of the many flaws and failures of district attorneys, police departments, judges, coroners, forensic labs, parole boards, etc. or of the junk science, fraud, and deliberate lies used by many government-hired forensic "experts" to get convictions when objective evidence won't convince juries to bring in guilty verdicts. So, the MSM honors Balko's reporting skills but never syndicates and almost never publishes his stories.

  4. Mary:

    Radley, no longer at Reason, now writes for HuffPo. I consider that pretty much "left-wingy" and MSM. Of course, I prefer his Agitator blog, because the commenters there are just a bit a cut above. :)

  5. Vilmos:

    Tips related to topics you like to discuss:

    Spain's state-controlled rail operator has been forced to axe one of its newest high-speed train services after it was disclosed that the only nine passengers were using it each day.


    Also, on the Becker-Posner blog (http://www.becker-posner-blog.com/), the last two entries are discussing why the oil prices are high, and why speculators, when they are doing their job "right", actually help stabilize prices.


  6. ErisGuy:

    I'm not sure you should generalize from your local media being the in the tank for Sheriffs Joe and Dupnik to all local media being in the tank for the local police. I don't think that about my local media, though, of course, others disagree.

  7. Elliot:

    When he announced his blog was going to be moving to the Huffington Post, I stated that if the comment section went to hell (as with other Huffington Post articles), I'd drop him from my top libertarian spot and replace him with Coyote Blog.

    So far, theagitator.com is still a standalone website, so I'm hoping he misunderstood how that would work.

  8. Joao Crawford:

    It´s the first time I ever heard about Radley Barko. It seems very popular here, where can I Know more about his work?

  9. Mary:


    His personal blog: http://www.theagitator.com/

    Or Huffington Post, for which he just started writing. He previously wrote for Reason.com, and you can search archives for many of his great pieces there.