Spending Cuts in Perspective

Last week I showed the Obama-proposed cuts as an almost invisible, except under extreme magnification, portion of the total budget.  Unfortunately, proposed Republican cuts (which according to the NY Times and other voices of big government will lead to the end of the world as we know it) are not much better

via Tad DeHaven


  1. perlhaqr:

    We need to take a damn chainsaw to the budget. Or maybe a fuel/air bomb.

    And lower taxes, too.

  2. Henry Bowman:

    You should have read Pravda's editorial on the proposed House of Representatives budget cuts; here's an excerpt:

    First Speaker John Boehner’s Republican leadership proposed cutting the rest of the 2011 budget by $32 billion. But that wasn’t enough for his fanatical freshmen, who demanded that it be cut by $61 billion, destroying vital government programs with gleeful abandon.

    I added the emphasis; the idea that one cannot easily cut $61 billion out of a $3.8 trillion budget is utterly laughable.

    This was the most absurd editorial that I have ever read.

    I think Rand Paul's (R-KY) proposed $500 billion budget cut is a good first step. It has little to no chance of passage, but at least Paul is willing to put out the proposal, in contrast to other Republicans, who seem to be mostly chickens.

    Rep. Ryan (R-WI) has promised a proposal to "reform" entitlements. We'll see what he proposes, of course, but again, he seems to be one of the few few even willing to broach the discussion.