Obama Budget Cuts

A great graphic putting them in perspective.


  1. Vitaeus:

    I am always amazed that charts like that are never used during budget debates in the congress, imagine the sound bite. "Today in Congress it was pointed out that 4th grade math is not required to be a member and that unicorns do produce".

  2. Fred:

    But he just said in the SOTU address that he was NOT adding to the debt.

    Since he can't, just can't, can't, cannot! be wrong, this graphic must be in error.

  3. tehag:

    It's a hilarious graph. It projects Obama's budget debt out to 2060! I think he'll be out of office by then. I doubt any graph of the US budget made in 1928 correctly projected 5 years to 1933 and certainly didn't correctly project 50 to 1978.

  4. Russell:

    I just realized that it is illegal for employers to work together to set wage rates, yet it is fully supported for the employees to do the same thing. How does that add up?

  5. Bart Hall (Kansas, USA):

    We should remember as well, when looking at FY'11 revenue numbers, that something approaching $150 million of 'revenue' is repayment of the late '08 (FY'09) TARP moneys.

    The FY'09 deficit was inflated by over $400 million of TARP disbursements, of which over $100 was returned in FY'10. This has the effect of making the "Bush deficit" appear substantially higher, and that under Mr. Obama appear significantly lower -- by nearly ten per cent -- than it is in reality.

    The common thread after November '08 -- post TARP -- has been the Democrat supermajority in Congress. They did even more damage than appears at first glance.