Andy Thomas Apparently Toast

Our absolutely awful, self-serving, abusive County prosecutor seems to finally be getting the scrutiny he so richly deserves:

PHOENIX -- The Arizona Supreme Court has appointed a special investigator to look into accusations of misconduct against Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

That's bad, but it's not the end of Thomas's troubles.  The next shoe is the tort case.

Malicious prosecution is a tort and if a civil litigant obtains a ruling that Thomas abused his office, it could cost the County tens of millions of dollars.  Multiply that by the number of people whom Thomas has targeted, intimidated, abused or prosecuted and we are dealing with a very large number indeed.


  1. artemis:

    "could cost the County tens of millions of dollars"

    Sadly you guys will have to pay for that dicktater. (spelling intentional)

  2. Danny:

    I don't know much about law, but wouldn't he be personally liable for abuse of his office? It seems like abuse of his office is something that implicitly signals that it was done without consent of the public, his employer.

  3. mahtso:

    Why the special investigator? Becuase there is a conflict at the state bar. That is, there is nothing special about the matter.

    Each charge stands on its own, but according to the County Attorney's spokesman, there have been 13 prior bar investigations of Mr. Thomas and he has been exonerated each time. Maybe the 14th time is the charm.