My Only Oscar Comment

Yeah, I watched the Oscars, though I seldom find them entertaining any more.  My wife and I were able to attend about 20 years ago (the year Clint Eastwood won for Unforgiven) and go to the Governor's Ball afterward so we have a certain nostalgia for the event.    Only one image really sticks with me, and it was before the show.  It was an image of George Clooney high-fiving his fans, but doing it separated by a chain link fence.  Even the President still greets the public in person from time to time.  To me, it was a brutal caricature of a Hollywood actor trying to pretend he is engaging with the common man but utterly failing to do so.


  1. mal:

    Barton Fink.

  2. Methinks:

    There's nothing more common in Hollywood than an actor.

  3. richard:

    > the year Clint Eastwood won for Unforgiven

    I'm getting old. Has it been that long ago?

  4. Evil Red Scandi:

    They should have a picture of the Oscar (R) (TM) statue in the dictionary next to the definition of the word 'autofellate.'

  5. Dan:

    Unforgiven won in 1993, so not quite 20 years. Hard to believe it was 17 years ago. Same year I met my wife - time flies.