Wherein I Find Phoenix Is Not The Most Liveable City

How, in a benevolent universe, can it be that Phoenix does not have a team in this league?  More here via Carlos Miller.


  1. ElamBend:

    holy turf burn!

  2. Chris K.:

    I saw that too and was asking myself the same question!

  3. Allen:

    I'd imagine the taxpayers in Commerce City, CO are just thrilled they spent $60 million in part so that scantly clad women could play football at The Dick.

  4. Dan P.:

    Don't tell Glendale. They'll build another stadium.

  5. Doug:

    I'm afraid to ask what their cheerleaders look like...

  6. Evil Red Scandi:

    My wife doesn't want to go to the games because she thinks the players are dressed too conservatively. It's supposed to be lingerie - where are the thongs?