Good News at the TSA

Via Popehat:

The new rules, issued in September and October, tell officers "screening may not be conducted to detect evidence of crimes unrelated to transportation security" and that large amounts of cash don't qualify as suspicious for purposes of safety.

NFL players - its safe now to carry your Whizzinator.


  1. nom de guerre:

    uh-huh. and that new "carrying large amounts of cash doesn't qualify as suspicious" policy will be dead and gone before close of business tomorrow, you'd best believe. free men carry cash. (and guns, too, but that's a different story.) uncle sam doesn't *LIKE IT* when cash is carried, and he'll put a stop to it one way or another.

    my guess is they'll go with a variation on "having that much cash on the plane puts the other passengers at risk should some bad guy try a holdup, so you'd better come in this small room here and we'll confiscate it. for safety's sake, of course. all your nonsense about 'hidden agendas' is just so much crazy talk. oh, and if you object in any way, we'll tase you and arrest you."

    unless you're muslim, in which case you're free to go on your way, sir. sorry to bother you, and please let us know if your fellow passengers look at you suspiciously, as this may be grounds for a lucrative lawsuit in which we'd be happy to testify in your defense.

    20 years ago, all that would have been ridiculously broad parody. something out of 'mad' magazine.

  2. smurfy:

    "screening may not be conducted to detect evidence of crimes unrelated to transportation security" - meaningless unless the fruits of the search are deemed inadmissible.

    Funny you should mention the whizzinator, that guy hasn't learned much from his experience:

    BTW, rooms at the Sands were $29 that night.

  3. Michael:

    I knew Will Farrell and penis were going to come up.

    nom de guerre, you make a good point that jewelers and criminals should start using California IOUs for business. The country could use a currency with value.

  4. nom de guerre:

    y'know what? i think it's time for a new internet handle! (don't pretend you're not interested...this is *fascinating*!) "nom de guerre" is so *gloomy*, so *downbeat*, do you "name of war"-ish. in dark and perilous times like these, we need to give the people hope to continue fighting against the oppressive leviathan's endless divisions marching ever nearer as the sound of the artillery gets louder and louder. like in rick & ilsa'a last day in paris, only instead of sophisticated suits and ties and smart ensembles, we all wear t-shirts and flip-flops, just like the rest of the 3rd world does.

    was going to settle on "smiley-face unicorn who poops hundred-dolla-bills", but have found out that one's a registered trademark of the POTUS. THEN, in a marvelous burst of synchronicity - sting was right! - i ran into a story on MSN that showed me the way. therefore, i shall henceforth be known as "palm beach sugar daddy ken doll", who's evidently the latest hot accessory (really) for "store-bought hooters stripper barbie".

    thank you for your time and attention. we now return you to the previously scheduled programming here at the 'fuzzy bunny rabbit' blog.

  5. palm beach sugar daddy ken doll:

    ahhh, *that's* much better! say, anybody out there wanna buy a pretty nice condo? only drawback is the haitian drug gang across the hall, and the $800-a-month hurricane insurance.

  6. Michael:

    nom de palm,

    Sorry about your bad day. I'm at a point where I could/should start a business. I have the resources(people) and the client base to turn what I do "under the table" in to a business. But there isn't a chance in hell I'd form one now.

    I know Dr. T would say my actions harm him because his taxes go up. He's right, but the government has created a "it's an everyman for himself" environment. I wish no harm on Dr. T, but I'm not going to take the hit.

  7. spiro:


    As a business owner currently in the bankruptcy process (full on chap 7, not just my biz) I assure you that you are doing the right thing.
    When the govt is trying to co-op "volunteer" service and make it mandatory - you know it's time to look out for #1.
    We're in for some weird times in the near future. Mark my words.