Good Snow Out West This Winter?

Maybe, thanks to a resurgent El Nino.


  1. gmsc:

    The link goes to a feed that Google Reader says I don't have permission to read.

  2. Allen:

    The last few winters here in Colorado have been good for snow.

  3. Knucklehead:

    I got the same result as GMSC. The snow was excellent when I was out in CO last winter. Hoping for more of the same this winter although my ski trip will be near the end of winter rather than smack, dab in the middle of it.

  4. ColoComment:

    We out here in Ski Country (TM) can only hope that it'll be a good winter for snow -- it wasn't but a few summers ago that I could see most of the bottom sand of Dillon Reservoir due to several winters' lack of same.

    I'm sitting in an office bldg. in Fort Collins CO as I type this, & am watching the snowflakes blowing sideways in the wind & it's supposed to continue through the night. Yippee!