Phoenix Climate Presentation, November 10 at 7PM

I have given a number of presentations on climate change around the country and have taken the skeptic side in a number of debates, but I have never done anything in my home city of Phoenix.

Therefore, I will be making a presentation in Phoenix on November 10 at 7PM in the auditorium of the Phoenix Country Day School, on 40th Street just north of Camelback.  Admission is free.  My presentation is about an hour and I will have an additional hour for questions, criticism, and rebuttals from the audience.

I will be posting more detail later, but the presentation will include background on global warming theory, a discussion of why climate models are likely exaggerating future warming, and an evaluation of various policy alternatives.  The presentation will be heavy on science and data, but is meant to be accessible without a science background.  I will post more details of the agenda as we get closer to the event.

I am taking something of a risk with this presentation.  I am paying for the auditorium and promotion myself -- I am not doing this under the auspices of any group.  However, I would like to get good attendance, in part because I would like the media representatives attending to see the local community demonstrating interest in at least giving the skeptic side of the debate a hearing.  If you are a member of a group that might like to attend, please email me directly at the email link at the top of this page and I can help get more information and updates to your group.

Finally, I have created a mailing list for folks who would like more information about this presentation - just click on the link below.  All I need is your name and email address.


  1. Rob:

    Good luck! I might have missed previous stories on climate skeptic, but when you have done presentations in the past, what type of audience and media feedback have you received? And did you make a rebuttal?

    I often hear the "Youre not a PhD" on tv or in person, yet most of the skeptical arguments are based on fundamental scientific laws. If a fundamental principle is violated then of course I'm going to be skeptical until I'm shown otherwise !?!!?

  2. Jay:

    Obviously I am not local enough to attend, but I have to say you rock for doing this.

  3. Shawn:

    When I was in school they taught us that the earth and sun goes through cycles. Creating heating and cooling effects in cycles. They showed us evidence in the form of scientific data from multiple sources by reputable scientists and government agencies.
    Then when we moved to california one of the schools talked of global warming. They said by the year 2000 the earth would have temps in the 100's year round and winter completely gone. I have yet to see any really good evidence to affirm the warming they talk about.
    A freezing affect is coming. This is the science I was shown and it has been falling right into place as I see it.
    If there truly was global warming on the scale they talk about it would be good. All those frozen tundras will finally become farm land. You could grow crops year round all around the world and end hunger. More areas in which to build cities. Ice caps melting provides more fishing and travel routes. But I keep waiting for their predictions and the excuses of why one or another doesn't come through.