Make Sure You Don't Catch More than The Limit...

...because the US Fish and Wildlife service has a SWAT team and is not afraid to use it.   Yet another heavily armed government team making sure our nation does not teeter over the brink of anarchy.  Because if everyone were allowed to freely import orchids, our civil society would come to an end.  Fortunately at least one such miscreant was thrown in jail for a well-deserved two years for having the gall not to fill out his import paperwork correctly on otherwise legal orchids.  Thank god Fish and Game had a SWAT team -- who knows what kind of violence 66-year-old orchid terrorists are capable of.   I sure hope I filled out my clock importation paperwork correctly.


  1. Jim Clay:

    I keep thinking that we've surely hit the limits of ridiculousness and stupidity, but we keep setting the bar higher. What was that line about the difference between genius and stupidity being that genius has limits?

  2. Micheal:

    Radley has more details on his site. The government held the trial in Florida while the couple lived in Texas. The government had bankrupted the couple with legal motions before the trial even began. The government did offer to provide a defense attorney but refused to provide one with experience in international or environmental law which was required since some of the charges related to the Lacey Act. The government destroyed this couples life for no reason.

  3. JJ:

    Every single person in this country is guilty of breaking multiple laws. You are responsible for knowing the thousands, maybe millions of laws pertaining to you.

    The only defense I can think of, is become an elected official. They seem to have a way of making these problems go away...