OK, I Give Up. Maybe Environmentalism is a Religion

I have generally rejected comparisons of global warming activism to religion as unproductive.  But I give up.  Apparently global warming activists are digging into the Catholic playbook and stealing shamelessly.  Not satisfied with token acts of faith (e.g. sorting the recycling), indulgences (carbon offsets), and refusing to tolerate heresy, they have now adopted meat-free days of the week, switching only the day, from Friday to Monday.   I can see the Catholic bumper sticker now --  "the Catholic Church:  Fighting Global Warming Since the Year 858".


  1. Cecil:

    Think about the fishes. We don't have enough of them as it is.

  2. BillySixString:

    Think about how this evolves in the next 500-1000 years. People will celebrate the Gore-mas and not know why.

  3. Evil Red Scandi:

    Just wait 'till you see their version of The Spanish Inquisition.

    Oh yeah, nobody expects that.

    Never mind.

  4. Cecil:

    Perhaps Friday will become Pasta Day, as the Flying Spaghetti Monster decried so long ago.

  5. John David Galt:

    At least they can't burn us at the stake, it would increase Global Warming. Let's just hope they don't come up with a way to sequester us at the bottom of the sea.

  6. markm:

    JDG: Burial alive has a long pre-Christian tradition. Burning at the stake made for a much showier auto da fe, but the world has changed in some ways; Goracles might prefer rumors of their punishments to actually putting the gory details on TV.

  7. Steve S:

    The earth is warming
    This I know
    Because the models
    Tell me so