Know Your Enemy

I want to thank Tom Nelson for the pointer, because I usually don't hang out much at the Socialist Unity site.  But I thought that this post was telling.

While it may be urgent that we create a red green alliance to
strengthen radical social action to stop climate change, our collective
problem is how are we going to do that?

The Climate Change Social Change Conference
held in Sydney Australia during April tried to tackle that
challenge.This was a bold attempt to bring together left and green
activists in order to locate a shared perspective around which we could
begin more consciously organize....

Foster and Perez urged the conference's participants to consider
socialism as the only viable solution to the climate emergency. This
was a persistent theme discussed throughout the three day event as
speakers were drawn from a range of environment movements and
organisations (such as the Australian Greens and Friends of the Earth)
as well as academic specialists "” who preferred solution packages which
were not consciously committed to a socialist transformation of


  1. Mark:

    Think of the admission that these people make in those statements. Of course Socialism is the only "viable" solution to the "climate problem" as seen from their perspective because it is the only economic system that will reduce growth and the standard of living of people to the levels they think are economically viable.

    Socialism also allows for a priveledged elite, that each of the advocates believes they are members of, to live above the lifestyles of the proletariates and dictate policy.

    Want to collapse the lifestyles of the world....the solution is easy...MORE SOCIALISM!

  2. JimVAT:

    They are already an alliance. The watermelon alliance - green on the outside, red on the inside.

  3. Bob Smith:

    I've been saying for a long time that environmentalism is a wedge for instituting global socialism.

  4. Allen:

    Interesting.... why hasn't there been more talk in the news to open up more areas to offshore drilling?

  5. Simon Clarke:

    Here's a link to a left-wing blog - written by an academic and journalist, unsurprisingly - that welcomes global warming as the trigger for "More Big Brother (please)". It's quite telling - though a morass of over-written nonsense.

    "Right now, libertarianism seems in tune with the spirit of the age: the unrestricted flows of capital, the spread of the market into every aspect of society, rampant consumerism, the self-obsession of fashion, and so on, but its day is drawing to a close. No politician wants to say this straight, but if we are to avoid nihilistic de-civilisation, the future will require heavier doses of the state and the superstate, more restrictions on business and on individual choice, more in the way of communal and collective thought and action. And if this is right, it might just turn out that the death of the left was very much exaggerated."

    Oh joy...