The Real Coyote Blog

I get a number of search engine hits from people coming to this blog looking for information on, you know, coyotes.  I actually get a lot of questions about coyote behavior, which I struggle to answer since by knowledge of the animals generally is limited to:

  1. Watching them play outside my house as they likely fantasize about making a meal of my family's Maltese.
  2. Taking humor from their hapless interactions with the ACME corporation.

Via a reader, this is the woman you need to be visiting for real coyotes.  She also seems to be a marvelous photographer.  This, for example, is beautiful.


  1. Larry:

    I wouldn't worry too much about the dog and the coyotes. I'd worry more about some to the raptors.

    I have not seen coyotes here (west of Omaha) for several years, but we used to have a pair that raised families in the lower part of our yard. We most saw them eating pears and apples, but they lived in the part of our yard where our elderly cat and his buddy the red-tail hawk like to hunt.

    (Red tail sits in the top of a tree, cat sits at base, both peering into the tall grass along the barbed wire.)

  2. Larry:

    I meant to mention that there is a video around that shows a bald eagle taking a deer down.