"Snuggles" at One

My daughter's white Maltese, embarrassingly named "Snuggles," just turned one.  Sorry we didn't really clean her up for her birthday pictures  (click to enlarge)



Update, in which I am chastised by my daughter:  I quote from my email this morning,

Why do you always have to talk about snuggles name??????? You say how
embarrassing it is and people laugh. Good for you, you make people laugh all
the time. It is funny to everyone but me. How do you think I feel,
with people laughing at me for naming snuggs that name ??? bad

OK, sorry hon.  Snuggles is actually a perfect name for this dog, who loves nothing more than to just sit in your lap.   Yes, Darwin, cuteness is a survival trait.  And Snuggles is the only other mammal in my household who will go running 3 miles with me, even when it is over 100 degrees out, and despite the fact she has a fur coat and the shortest legs by several orders of magnitude.  And, of course, beware to all intruders who run into this formidable home defense unit.


  1. eddie:


  2. ParatrooperJJ:

    Cute dog. Got one myself.

  3. dearieme:

    Your daughter has nothing to be ashamed of. Unless, of course, she really calls it snuggly-wuggly doggie-pops.

  4. pa:

    My favorite dog was named Snuggles, too. My two sisters and I named him way back in the 1970s. Like your Snuggles, ours really earned his name, and we all loved him dearly. Our Snuggles looked amazingly like yours, too; they could be twins. He went to work with our dad every day (architect/civil engineer). Well, they did nearly everything together -- Snuggles would even climb a two-story ladder to be with Dad. And _our_ daddy _never_ said cruel things about Snuggles' name!

  5. kath:

    My Snuggles was a absolutely darling black Cockapoo with the most beautiful eyes. When she passed on, we had her portrait done and the artist said in all the years of her pastel art, she had NEVER come across a dog that actually spoke with her eyes like Snuggie. She said there was a real depth to her and we knew exactly what she meant. The day she passed, she walked to me and looked up at me and I immediatley knew she was telling me her time was short. About 1/2 hour later she passed in my arms. Snuggling....