More Ways to Watch My Climate Video

There has been a lot of interest in my new climate video.  Already we have nearly 450 1500 views at Google video and over 200 700 downloads of the video.  I am now releasing the video through YouTube.

YouTube requires that all videos be under 10 minutes, so I have broken the film into six parts.  If you want to just preview a portion, the second half of the fourth film and the first half of the fifth are probably the most critical.

A Youtube Playlist for the film is here.  This is a cool feature I have not used before, but will effectively let you run the parts end to end, making the 50-minute video more or less seamless. 

The individual parts are:

Climate Video Part 1:  Introduction; how greenhouse gases work; historical climate reconstructions
Climate Video Part 2:  Historical reconstructions; problems with proxies
Climate Video part 3:  How much warming is due to man; measurement biases; natural cycles in climate
Climate Video Part 4:  Role of the sun; aerosols and cooling; climate sensitivity; checking forecasts against history
Climate Video Part 5:  Positive and negative feedback;  hurricanes.
Climate Video Part 6:  Melting ice and rising oceans; costs of CO2 abatement; conclusions.

You may still stream the entire climate film from Google Video here. (the video will stutter between the 12 and 17 second marks, and then should run fine)

You may download a 258MB full resolution Windows Media version of the film by right-clicking here.

You may download a 144MB full resolution Quicktime version of the film by right-clicking here.


  1. Jody:

    Why not give/sell a copy of the DVD to TJIC's company? He already is in the DVD distribution business...

  2. Randomscrub:

    What sort of a self-addressed envelope should I be sending you to mail a DVD in? I'm not sure how that's typically done...

  3. Alan Grey:

    If you really want to distribute it free, create a torrent for it and release it that way....I for one would download a movie copy (and use snippets it in talks if it is any good and I was allowed to!). I live in Oz, so this would be my prefered way to get the movie....

  4. Mike Schneider:

    Q. Will the source video encoded to DVD be of higher quality than the 258mb WMV version?

  5. ElamBend:

    Finally watched it. It's good.

    I second the motion for a torrent version.

  6. Kevin Baker:

    Outstanding piece! Linked!

  7. gmsc:

    I tried downloading the QuickTime version, but the sound is sped up. Instead of, "What is Normal? It sounds like an odd question," it comes out as a high-pitched, "WhatisNormal?Itsoundslikeanoddquestion."

    Fortunately, I was able to download a high quality version by using the plug-in from, downloading the WMV version, and saving it as a QuickTime movie.

    Nonetheless, you might want to double-check the QuickTime version of the movie.