My Experience Today with Newspapers and the Web

Its been a frustrating day dealing with the Arizona Republic.  The day began pretty exciting as they had a beautiful article in the style section today featuring the handbags my wife creates.

Our first disappointment was the fact that the paper forgot to include my wife's web site in the article, giving readers no contact information in the article if they are interested in the purses.  Then we found that the link to her article in the style section of the Republic online was wrong, and only produced an error.  Now, mistakes like this happen - I actually messed up a link to my wife's web site in this article, but I quickly fixed it when an alert reader noticed.  So I emailed the webmaster at the Republic, and, several hours later, I got an email saying something like "here is the correct link".  But the link online is still broken!  In the time they sent me the email with the correct link, they could have just fixed the link online.  Six hours later, it still is not fixed.  This strikes me as classic dead-tree journalism, thinking in terms of making corrections days or weeks later rather than in real time.

UPDATE:  Yea!  Link fixed.  Wonder if my sending them this blog post helped or if they were doing it anyway.