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Apparently, Google is building a huge a showy hub for its corporate aircraft.  Does this strike anyone else as an anachronism, from the folks who bring us Gmail and Google groups?  It's like the Fedex having a Pony Express account.

By the way, if anyone read the fabulous book "Barbarians and the Gate," they** will remember RJR Nabisco's construction of a corporate aircraft palace in Atlanta marked the beginning of the end of that company's fiscal extravagance.


** I know this is grammatically incorrect, but I am exhausted with English's lack of a third person singular gender-neutral pronoun and hate saying "he or she."  English is a language built bottom up from actual usage, so lacking any better idea, I support "they" as the solution.

Does Anyone Know Why States Still Require Registered Agents?

In most states, if you are registering as a "foreign" corporation (in this context foreign means out-of-state) you have to have a registered agent in that state.  In some cases, this can be a person who works for you, but since our employees are seasonal in many states, this does not work for us.  So, we have to go out and pay some local attorney a few bucks each year to be our "agent".  The services of this agent seem to include mainly forgetting to forward important mail that the state insists on sending to the agent rather than to my corporate office.  I just got a $250 fine from California because I did not respond to some reporting requirement that they sent to my registered agent, who then in turn lost it or whatever.

Can anyone tell me why this requirement still exists.  Or, even better, why it ever existed.  Maybe it was useful in the days before the Pony Express or the telephone to have a nearby contact, but who cares now?