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Litigation a Growth Business in Florida

Why am I not surprised to hear this from a Florida attorney.

"Litigation is the No. 1 growth area. It's always recession-proof," said Peter Prieto, executive partner of the Miami office of Holland & Knight, in an interview.

If only our economy was litigation-proof. We operate in Florida because there are a lot of great recreation opportunities there - you can't transport them out of state. I am not sure why anyone else who could move their business out of Florida actually stays there.

Jeb gets a lot of press for being smarter than his brother George W., but George made a lot more progress on tort reform than Jeb has in his state.

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The world's whales, porpoises and dolphins have no standing to sue President Bush . Umm, I guess this is good news, though on the other hand what does it say that this even came up before a Circuit court of appeals (the ninth, of course).


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