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Each and Every One Its Own Solyndra

I drove through Indio / Palm Springs on Tuesday and was aggravated, as I always am, at just how few of the zillions of government-subsidized windmills are actually turning.  Saying that one in twenty were generating power would be generous.  I know the wind was blowing because a few of them were turning.

On Thursday I drove back through and tried to take a video, though all I had was my iPhone.

You have to squint to see all the dead windmills in the back of the first shot.  If you have never been to this site, you many not be able to comprehend just how far in the distance the dead masts go.  Here is another shot from several miles further down the site

Here is my proposal.  We make this whole area a National Park and call it "Corporate State Park."  It would be at least as educational as any other National Park.

Coyote Mail

I have my coyote blog email forwarded to my work email, which is where I read and respond to it.  I just found out I did a bonehead thing and had my settings for the email all wrong.  I had checked the "keep copy of email on server" in addition to the forward button, and apparently the mailbox on the server I never check filled up.  Sorry if you got an email box full message.  Also, apparently I had some sort of lame spam filter turned on because about half your emails were not getting forwarded to me.  Sorry again.  Hopefully all is fixed now.

Blogging is light this week because I am trying to get a couple of proposals out, and tomorrow I am taking my son to Palm Springs for a baseball tournament.