Coyote Mail

I have my coyote blog email forwarded to my work email, which is where I read and respond to it.  I just found out I did a bonehead thing and had my settings for the email all wrong.  I had checked the "keep copy of email on server" in addition to the forward button, and apparently the mailbox on the server I never check filled up.  Sorry if you got an email box full message.  Also, apparently I had some sort of lame spam filter turned on because about half your emails were not getting forwarded to me.  Sorry again.  Hopefully all is fixed now.

Blogging is light this week because I am trying to get a couple of proposals out, and tomorrow I am taking my son to Palm Springs for a baseball tournament. 

One Comment

  1. Bill Bryant:

    Any body out there interested in a challenge.
    I believe This system is facing disaster unless the grass roots of our population can be motivated to stand up and be counted.
    Our political system is saturated with greed and corruption. I am naive enough to think there are many people,possibly a majority, who share my view. I am not a politician, my interest is in organizing those who feel hopless and motivate them to action and participation in the process. Since this will require taking on Corporate America and its corrupting influence,it represents an enormus challenge that will require,determination,effort and organizational skills.

    If There is anybody who shares this view,I look forward to hearing from you and would appreciate your assistance,advise and invite you to become involved.I look forward to hearing from you.

    Bill Bryant