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I'd Walk A Mile for a Camel

This has gotten a fair amount of play around the Internet, but it's crazy enough to re-link in case you have not seen it.  A proposal in Australia to earn carbon credits by shooting wild camels.  Because when living, breathing creatures are dead, the environment is protected.  Take that to its logical conclusion.  All that time those folks were clubbing harp seals, they were saving Mother Nature!

We've Apparently Run Out of Stuff to Be Worried About

The lesson I take from the numerous efforts to regulate/ban/demonize bottled water is that we have officially run out of real stuff to be worried about.  Seriously, when bottled water is the health and environmental risk of the decade, it is time to declare victory over Mother Nature.  More here.

Arizona Snow Play

Arizona has always lacked a managed snow play area.  In the past, when the snow first flies in Flagstaff, everyone in Phoenix would hop in the car and sled any place they could find, even some downright dangerous spots on Interstate overpasses. 

After a year of work, we have opened the Wing Mountain Snow Play Area, just north of Flagstaff, Arizona.  We have a huge, managed parking lot, portable bathrooms, and concessions which include hot chocolate and sled sales.  If you live in Arizona, come and visit us this winter.

Update:  I think the season is going well, and we have good snow.  We had an enormous number of visitors on Christmas day, more than we could ever have predicted, and I apologize if anyone was not able to get in and play.  However, that day was an anomaly, and most days we have plenty of space to park and play.

To the bathroom question, we only just got the permit to run this facility from the US Forest Service a few weeks ago, so yes the bathrooms are just porta-john types.  Once we have a little time with the facility, we will work for a more permanent solution.   However, last year before we took over the facility there was only Mother Nature.