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I am Enormously Skeptical About This

I have absolutely no confidence that we will get 25% more work from our city employees on Mon-Thur to make up for a Friday day off.

Thursday could become the new Friday for thousands of Phoenix city employees in an effort to save money and keep workers happy.

Phoenix officials are considering mandatory Fridays off for administrative employees but would exempt those who support functions that can't be shut down such as water-plant employees, aviation workers and public-safety staff.

If approved, Phoenix would become the largest municipality in the state and the country on a mandatory four-day schedule, where employees typically work 10-hour days with Fridays off.

I am not sure we currently get 8 hours of work from many of them, and having been programmed for years or decades to an 8 hour day, I don't see them changing their behavior.  My alternate plan would be to cut everyone back to 32 hours a week, cut their pay by 20%, AND save energy on Friday.  By "alternate" I mean alternate to my base case of sending them all home permanently and waiting to see how long it takes for anyone to notice.