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WhiteHouse.Gov Still Lying about Keeping Your Health Insurance

This was on the White House web site at 5:30 EST today, October 29, 2013.  Look at the second to last paragraph.  You can click to enlarge.

click to enlarge


In case you can't read it, here is just that paragraph full size


I am as cynical as one possibly can be about politics and this even amazes me.

Coyote on TV

I will be on Fox Business Channel's Follow the Money, which airs at 8PM EST.  Not sure which part of the program I will be in.

Update: finished taping. I suppose it is good practice, but this 2 minute TV interview thing is really a difficult format for me. Producer said it was on 10est so check your local listings, as they say. Dont blink or you will miss me. I think my forbes column this week may be "what I should have said in Friday night."

Coyote on TV

Looks like I will be on Fox & Friends at 8:15 EST tomorrow (Wed) to discuss the State of the Union, and specifically the Obama administration and public vs. private investment.  That will make four national TV appearances and 4 entirely different topics (parks, minimum wage, electric car efficiency, and infrastructure investments).  I'm really honing a razor-sharp personal brand.

Possible Coyote Cameo

I hear rumor that a few snippets from a series of interviews I did on the minimum wage with John Stossel's crew may have appeared on his "Politicians' Top 10 Promises Gone Wrong" show tonight.  I have it TIVO'd but have not been able to watch it yet.  It is being replayed (in Hannity's usual time slot) at 9pm and Midnight on Sunday (EST).  Even if I am not in it, it still looks like a great show and I can't imagine that readers of this blog would not enjoy it.   More here.

Watch the Daily Show

I know a number of my readers are also friends with my Princeton roommate Brink Lindsey.  Look for Brink tonight on the Daily Show with John Stewart at 11PM EST on Comedy Central.

125th Carnival of the Vanities Submission Guidelines

February 9 will be my first attempt to host Carnival of the Vanities.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Carnival, it was started by Silflay Hraka and is meant to give smaller blogs a chance to reach a wider audience.

Submission guidelines

Send an e-mail sent to  Put "COTV" in the subject line. Add a one word category to help me sort them (i.e., sports, religion, politics, etc.). It should look like this: cotv -- rambaldi devices.  I am not insisting on any theme, and all political points of view are gratefully accepted (if you want a theme, wait for our Carnival of the Capitalists issue at the end of the month).

In the text of the e-mail include the following information:

  • Name of your blog:
  • URL of the blog:
  • Title of your post:
  • Permalink to that post:
  • Trackback of the post:
  • Describe the post in a sentence or two:

I need to receive your e-mail by 3 p. m. (EST) Tuesday, Feb. 8 for it to make the 125th edition.  Deadline extended to 6PM EST.

Sarin Gas in Fallujah?

See Updates Below -- Update #1: Sarin test kits, most probably. Update #2: MSM still waddling along, left in the dust by blogs

This is not a huge surprise, but it is still bad news.  Sarin find announced a few days ago confirmed in pictures, and it sure looks legit.  Memo to Republicans:  This is bad news.  Do not make the same mistake as Democrats in deciding what is good and bad news based on how it vindicates or hurts Bush.


Larger version is picture #2 in USA Today Slideshow

Story courtesy of Powerline and Captains Quarters

Update #1

More information in the link above at Captains Quarters.  The betting line now is that these are Sarin test kits, rather than Sarin, which makes more sense anyway given how they were found.

It is amazing to me that USAToday and others could have this story now for days, and make less progress on what is really in this picture than amateur blog readers can in a couple hours in a comment thread.  Interesting.

UPDATE #2 (1AM EST Thursday): 

It has been well over 8 32 hours since readers at a number of sites, including Powerline and LGF, deconstructed this photo and concluded that these were Sarin test kits.  USAToday has still not changed their story or their caption.

Princess Bride Day

Two election-related Princess Bride posts in one day.

From Vodkapundit - "Incomceiveable"

From Asymmetrical Infromation - "Iocane powder"

I think the Princess Bride is one of the 10 most quotable movies of all time, at least for guys (Caddyshack being #1).  So here is my Princess Bride reference for the election:

Rove (election night, 7PM EST): I admit it, Kerry is leading us in the exit polls
McAuliff: Then why are you smiling?
Rove:  Because I know something you don't know.
McAuliff: And what is that?
Rove: I... am not left-handed.


Jane Galt & Co. have their servers down at Asymmetrical Information.  Here's hoping they are back soon.