Possible Coyote Cameo

I hear rumor that a few snippets from a series of interviews I did on the minimum wage with John Stossel's crew may have appeared on his "Politicians' Top 10 Promises Gone Wrong" show tonight.  I have it TIVO'd but have not been able to watch it yet.  It is being replayed (in Hannity's usual time slot) at 9pm and Midnight on Sunday (EST).  Even if I am not in it, it still looks like a great show and I can't imagine that readers of this blog would not enjoy it.   More here.


  1. Kelly Byrd:

    I randomly had this on the background when I heard your name. It was a pretty good show, but by the end I found John Stossel's interview style kind of whiny and annoying. I've seen other things he's done and not thought that so either he has has changes or it was the whisky in the hot chocolate I was drinking.

  2. Mike:

    I saw it too. Coyote came off really well.

  3. MikeinAppalachia:

    I watched it-thought that might have been you. Did come off well. Despite Stossel's style, thought it was informative and revealing. Hope it gets wide viewing.

  4. John Moore:

    Yep. I saw it, and rewound the DVR. Good job, as usual.

  5. chris:

    Saw it. Coyote came off favorably. However, I thought it kinda made the whole story somewhat disingenuous. It implies that Stossel found this somewhat random operator of campgrounds who says he would hire more workers without a minimum wage, when in reality Stossel talked to a like-mined libertarian who of course is going to agree with his point of view.

  6. greg:

    i saw it too. it was a much better showing than you had on glenn beck. not that your info was bad it was just the ear thing that made you look very uncomfortable being on tv. anyway yeah it was a decent show it makes me feel better knowing this sort of information is being broadcast to the general public even if stossel's style is a little whiny and douchey.