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Site Issues Fixed, I Hope

We had a problem with the website that folks going to were getting the correct content but folks going to without the www were getting dated and/or unformatted content.  This seemed super odd to me.  I checked all my DNS records, particularly the A and CNAME and they looked fine.  I searched for the issue but no one's issues matched mine precisely.  I suspected that it was an issue with caching but turning off the cache did not fix it.

In the end the fix was simple.  In WordPress Settings - General I had set the domain name as  It had been that way forever.  Somehow, something on the server or in wordpress or most likely in one of my plugins changed so that calls to confused it.  The simple fix was to change the setting for the wordpress site to  Now everything seems to resolve normally. I hope.

Spoke Too Soon

I was so excited about my web site progress that I overlooked somehow to hit "save" when I made changes to my MX records on the DNS.  So all our corporate email went awry for 2 days.  Fortunately I can access it in a box where it all collected, but now I have to sort through it and re-forward it all.  If I was a cool haxor d00d, I could probably write a script to do it, but I will just sort through the 300 emails by hand.  Halfway there already.