Spoke Too Soon

I was so excited about my web site progress that I overlooked somehow to hit "save" when I made changes to my MX records on the DNS.  So all our corporate email went awry for 2 days.  Fortunately I can access it in a box where it all collected, but now I have to sort through it and re-forward it all.  If I was a cool haxor d00d, I could probably write a script to do it, but I will just sort through the 300 emails by hand.  Halfway there already.


  1. Evil Red Scandi:

    Just info for "next time" - if your DNS hosting company allows it, I usually set my DNS TTLs (Time To Live setting) as low as they'll let me (300 - 600 seconds if possible)- so if there's a problem I can switch it back and the changes take place quickly.

  2. Larry Sheldon:

    Low TTL is a Good Thing while tinkering--be sure to change to the low setting old-TTL seconds before you start tinkering.

    Be sure to save changes, be sure that one of them is an increased "serial number" if you have to do it. (Life can get seriously unpleasant after certain kinds of serial number mistakes.