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Chicken Little Needs to Stay on Message

Michael Cannon had this funny reaction to the downward revision, by the Census Beaureu, of the estimated number of Americans without health insurance:

It is important that we not over-react to these numbers. The worst
thing we could do would be to stop panicking about the uninsured. A lot of interest groups have spent a lot of money and misused a lot of data to convince the public that this mostly healthy bunch of people
are America's #1 health care problem. If we were to go off-message now,
then Barack, Hillary, Mitt, Arnold, and all the other Chicken Littles
we've created . . . well, they might get horribly confused. Thank you
for your continued support.

I would add to this:  "And never, ever let anyone question the assumption that 'being uninsured' is the same as 'being without medical care' and never allow anyone to ask whether all of those uninsured are uninsured against their will, rather than by personal choice".