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A month ago, the Arizona Cardinals mailed me (as a season ticket holder) my playoffs tickets.  I usually don't advertise myself as an Arizona Cardinals season ticket holder, just because numerous academic studies have demonstrated that this fact is not highly correlated with the average person's perceptions of intelligence.

Because of logistics and time limitations, when one gets NFL playoff tickets one typically gets a ticket for every possible game the team could play in.  Because there was an oddball small statistical chance the Cardinals could host an NFC championship game if a) the Cardinals won two playoff games, which has never happened in franchise history and b) all the top 3 seeds lost, they sent me NFC championship game tickets.  My son and I literally laughed out loud when we saw them.  Hosting an NFC championship game with a franchise that has not hosted any sort of playoff game for 60 years seemed, well, laughable.

Well, I just ran to my desk to make sure I actually kept the tickets, because with the Eagle's win today the Cardinals will actually be hosting the NFC championship game next week.  Go Cards!