A month ago, the Arizona Cardinals mailed me (as a season ticket holder) my playoffs tickets.  I usually don't advertise myself as an Arizona Cardinals season ticket holder, just because numerous academic studies have demonstrated that this fact is not highly correlated with the average person's perceptions of intelligence.

Because of logistics and time limitations, when one gets NFL playoff tickets one typically gets a ticket for every possible game the team could play in.  Because there was an oddball small statistical chance the Cardinals could host an NFC championship game if a) the Cardinals won two playoff games, which has never happened in franchise history and b) all the top 3 seeds lost, they sent me NFC championship game tickets.  My son and I literally laughed out loud when we saw them.  Hosting an NFC championship game with a franchise that has not hosted any sort of playoff game for 60 years seemed, well, laughable.

Well, I just ran to my desk to make sure I actually kept the tickets, because with the Eagle's win today the Cardinals will actually be hosting the NFC championship game next week.  Go Cards!


  1. Chris Byrne:

    I must admit, the cognitive dissonance is verging on paralytic at this point.

    ...Especially since the Cards got in at 9-7 while the Pats didn't at 11-5.

    Oh well, at least the cards weren't as bad as the chargers.

  2. david c:

    Un-Freaking-Believable. My thoughts exactly. 60 minutes from the Super Bowl. Dare we dream?

  3. Ryan Cupples:

    Too bad football is inherently an inferior sport to hockey! Oh well, have fun!

  4. Reese:

    Regular reader and regular guy Reese here in Albuquerque. We missed our usual yearly Packer game (this year was gonna be @New Orleans), due to the fact that at the time we were planning whether or not to go, gas was $4.50/gal. Sooo, we might take this opportunity to at least see A game. Give you... (checking stub hub) ...$250 each for your tickets. You could do some serious science fair projects with $500, eh? (I assume it's a pair, if not we'll take three).

    E-mail is rrandlr 'at' concentric 'dot' net.

  5. Reese:

    Oh yeah:

    Thanks for the free ice-cream writing-- big fan. Spot on with the economics. Hope to stay at one of your campgrounds someday, maybe this next weekend? (24 foot class C, 30 A, but can dry camp no prob.)

  6. Preston Speed:

    That's great! Hopefully the Cards can finally repay all of the fans who have supported them throughout the painful years.

  7. wolfman:

    I don't find it any more surprising than my team, the Dolphins, making to the playoffs after last seasons disaster. Hope your team has better luck than mine did!

  8. Matt:

    Congrats! I've been pulling for the 'Cards once they made the playoffs, it's always nice to see different teams do well. Have fun at the game!

  9. Swede:

    As a resident of Michigan and one who long ago gave up on the Li-downs and roots for the Packers all I can say is go Cardinals. As a diehard Michigan Wolverine fan it has been nice watching Steve Breaston develop into a very good 3rd wr. Please Arizona win and shut those damn Eagles fans up!!

  10. Mike:


    As a Panthers fan I was disappointed with the Cardinals win. I hope you enjoy your NFC championship game. If the Cards win the Superbowl, Jake Delhomme should be named the Cardinals MVP.

  11. rox_publius:

    sorry to say it, but uh...

    may your squad suffer an ignominious defeat

    keeping the dome closed in 70 degree weather to amplify crowd noise...


  12. Steve:

    While there's still time for the Cardinals to respond, I think McNabb just made the HOF at your team's expense.

  13. gmsc:

    It's the Cards 32 to 25, and they are going to the Super Bowl as the NFC Championships! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  14. gmsc:

    It's the Cards 32 to 25, and they are going to the Super Bowl as the NFC Champions! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  15. rox_publius:

    guess that fitzgerald character might just make something of himself one of these days, eh?

    congrats to the cards. may they make a decent defense look silly again next week.