Kudos to Robert George and Cornel West

I have criticized Princeton on a number of occasions, but it deserves credit for hosting this statement on free speech and engaging contrary opinion from Cornel West and Robert George (who used to teach a class together at Princeton).


  1. kidmugsy:

    I'm still going to call it Princesston.

  2. Mercury:

    We should do this, we should do that...

    Give me a break, actions speak louder than words. We'll see what Princeton or Middlebury etc. actually DOES beyond "hosting a statement". This one, BTW, is about 1/2 a step above declaring yourself a hero for being "against rape".

    America's elite colleges and universities are literally making public pronouncements about what normal people assume are nursery-school level first principals. I mean, in light of this, what is Princeton's position on witchcraft? I don't think we can just make blanket assumptions here...

    Imagine paying top $ for a 5-star hotel room in Monaco or Tokyo and seeing a note from management on your room door after checking in that announces how super-committed the hotel is about ensuring that their guests don't contract a fatal, foodborne pathogen, aren't murdered in their sleep or robbed blind by the room maids. Would that raise or lower your confidence level?

  3. J K Brown:

    I've just started reading Nassim Taleb's 'Antifragile'. It occurred to me an example of antifragility was the, now mostly defunct, open debate college used to engage in. You, and your ideas, didn't become robust, i.e, able to withstand more, from the debate, but thrived and grew stronger from being stressed and harshly interrogated. The latter is antifragile, something that improves with rough handling vs. something that breaks if exposed to even routine stress. Today's colleges are making fragile graduates.