The 80's called....

CenturyLink, our telephone company in Florida, called and said that our listing in the telephone book was no longer free and that they would begin charging us $20 a month if we wanted to stay in.  LOL, I did not even know they made telephone books any more.  Back in the 1980's, when being in the phone book had value, the listing was free.  Now, when being in the book has zero value, they want to charge for it.


  1. Josh Hutchins:

    Well that is just a straight out lie

  2. Wilhelm Arcturus:

    Remember when they used to charge you to keep your number unlisted? Actually, I better check my bill, I bet I am still paying for that and it doesn't do a lick of good keeping down telemarketers.

  3. Maks Swing:

    Well, I believe they want to stop the phonebook. Why else would you ask for such a huge amount of money?

  4. Andrew_M_Garland:

    Send them a certified letter reciting the phone call, the newness of the offer, and your refusal. Ask for a confirmation that you have refused. Otherwise, you may see a bill for that listing, say a few years in arrears. They are trying to scam you. You will have to prove in the future that you did not authorize the listing which they will point to in print.

  5. herdgadfly:

    I went to http://www.dexpages .com, searched for Recreation Resource Management in the Ocala area and there was your soon to disappear free YP listing under Real Estate Management sub-category Recreation Centers with an address of 2900 N Highway 19, Ft McCoy and phone number 685-0206 but good luck with the area code. DexPages displays the actual listing on White and Yellow Pages but if you are not in printed directories you are not in their searches.

    In the past, paying for phone service got you into white pages but if you wanted a bold listing you paid for it. YP books also granted a listing in the business category you choose for free but perhaps the WP listing stays but the free YP listing goes byebye.

  6. Bruce Zeuli:

    Take Mr. Garland's advice. My business faced this same extortion scheme years ago. You either pay the bill or they urn off your phone service and your customer's hear "the number you dialed is no longer in service and there is no new number".