Life on College Campus

This is from the Wesleyan (CT) student center.  They had a men's and women's room plus this single stall multi-gender bathroom

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Please don't mistake me for a cultural conservative here.  I am not complaining about this or posting it as a sign of the apocalypse.  I actually think the one stall multi-gender bathroom (which a lot of public buildings already have but they are simply called "family" bathrooms) is a reasonable accommodation for those who struggle with the typical two gender classifications.  I did find the third gender symbol sort of funny, and only on a modern college campus would a restroom sign need 14 words of gender explanation in the (probably futile) hope of not offending anyone.


  1. kidmugsy:

    Golly, just like the "bathrooms" in our house - anyone can use them.

  2. Russ R.:

    They always could have gone with simply "RESTROOM" and a picture of a toilet.

  3. skhpcola:

    There should be a number to the mental health department embossed on the placard, so that all of the mentally defective morons that aren't sure about their sex can get the assistance that they need. "Social conservative" or not, if you accept the LGBT thesis of "different gendered" humans, you are a fucking retard. Excepting hermaphrodites, the prevalence of which is vanishingly rare, the rest of these cultural Marxist assholes are just looking for attention and/or deranged.

    Do what you want, as long as it doesn't affect me...but dismissing as "okay" public spent in the pursuit of pacifying fuckwits is not libertarian.

  4. NL7:

    I've often thought that the multi-person public restroom is in many contexts an antiquated holdover from a poorer time when having restroom roommates was justified by the cost. But in most offices, it probably makes more sense to just put in a few individual rooms where previously there might be a few same-room plumbing fixtures. In certain high-volume contexts like a stadium or airport, it probably makes sense to have a communal room. But I don't see why an office designed to cater to ten people or a hundred people couldn't afford a couple extra walls and the marginal square footage it would cost to have individual rooms.

    Old apartments and hotels had shared water closets, like many dormitories, intended for individual use by residents of the entire building floor. But as people got richer, it seemed justified to move bathrooms into people's residences. For some reason the public restroom has not similarly been individualized.

  5. Stephen_Macklin:

    It's going to fail. Women never remember to out the seat up.

  6. cal_culus:

    Let me guess, the door could only be locked from the outside.

  7. Harry:

    In the Wesleyan naked dorms, nobody pays any attention to the signs, Coyote. The public restrooms near the admissions office are for the parents who will write a big check, and some of them will be handicapped before paying tuition, and all will be handicapped after paying tuition.

  8. Micah:

    Is it weird to no one else that "differently abled" is now a gender?

  9. Chris Smith:

    How come in stick figure world all handicap people are cis-men?

  10. Craig Loehle:

    This option sure beats the ruling in CA for schools that students can use any restroom/locker room that feels right to them.

  11. jimc5499:

    Is leaving the seat up considered "sexual harassment"?

  12. Nehemiah:

    Should have just pictured a Purple Penguin.

  13. mahtso:

    For the "individualized" restroom it makes sense to allow any and all comers. Call me a cynic, but if we opened multi-person restrooms to all sexes, genders, and whatever other classes exist, I foresee sexual harassment or similar charges being brought against men (e.g., he looked at me or he exposed himself to me).

  14. Mike Powers:

    There are already vicious debates over whether a biologically-male person who describes himself as female should be permitted to use a women's restroom.

  15. Mole1:

    I am offended. The icons are patriachonormative in their depictions of the individuals' outfits.

  16. irandom419:

    I heard a longer acronym, I believe it is LGBTI.

  17. Heltau:

    I wonder how many transgender diseases will be transmitted through the usage of these rest rooms?
    And what kind of transgender will be hired to be able to clean them in the first place?

  18. Unclever title:

    I prefer to look at that stick figure and instead imagine it having a HUGE BUTT. In which case I guess a butt that big is it's own gender.