Life Imitates Portlandia

For those who enjoy the series Portlandia, doesn't this remind you of the first episode when diners insisted on going out to the farm to meet the chickens they were going to eat?


  1. Matthew Slyfield:

    My favorite from the National Review article:

    "3. One of the Direct Action Everywhere videos tells the tale of a rescued chicken named Peanut Butter. Note: Peanut Butter is delicious."

  2. Nehemiah:

    Oh my! Is this what it has come down to? Be a vegan or vegetarian if you feel it is more healthy, but this goes over the top. Personally I hate chickens. Like the meat, but hate the bird. Goes back to a childhood trauma on grandpa's farm. I was getting pretty good at herding those chickens around the barnyard with my stick until Buckie (grandpa's dog) came around the barn barking at the chickens which sent them in a panic toward me. As I turned to run I tripped and a dozen frantic squawking chickens ran over my back, head, legs and arms.

    Add to that the weekly chicken taken for Sunday dinner. Crazy to see a headless chicken running around. Naw, no sympathy for chickens here.

  3. MNHawk:

    Actually it reminds me of when America emptied it's mental institutions.

  4. Howard Luken:

    She's not talking about a chicken. She's projecting her own likely abuse or rape at the hands of some ivy league frat boy. They have secret rape clubs just like daddy and granddaddy. You score points by terrorising girls into submission and lose points if she's either into it or if daddy has to buy her silence or have her be paid a visit by the family's or guvamint goons. Just ask any high ranking scumbag in guvamint or corporate fascist society. Right Warren?