More Shutdown Theater

From the Washington Examiner.  Because tenants have to be evicted when their landlord goes on paid vacation.

National Park Service officials cited the government shutdown as the reason for ordering an elderly Nevada couple out of their home, which sits on federal land.

"Unfortunately overnight stays are not permitted until a budget is passed and the park can reopen," an NPS spokesman explained to KTNV.

Ralph and Joyce Spencer, aged 80 and 77, respectively, own their home, but the government owns the land on which it sits.

"I had to be sure and get his walker and his scooter that he has to go in," Joyce Spencer told the local news outlet. "We're not hurt in any way except it might cost me if I have to go buy more pants."

Of course, I am in the exact same position


  1. Drake:

    Are people going to even care when Park Rangers start getting shot in the Smokey Mountains? I won't.

  2. Bruce:

    Here in SF Bay Area, Capital of the United States West Coast, home to the leadership such as it isn't, the pit from which crawled Yellen and Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein, the Cliff House has been forced to stop serving food as it is in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Muir Beach has police blocking the parking lot. How much this will matter come selection time is an open question. It is difficult to determine whom to hold in more contempt. The public or their partisan masters. A case can be made for both and while I despise the absence of leadership in Washington D.C. I can only reflect in sadness that extending the franchise to all adults has been an unmitigated failure. People spend more money on Pizza than on bribing their elected officials. If they only opened the purse wider before tax time I think a better government would at least be possible by enabling the hungry beasts to feel loved. As it is, the public strikes me as the patient in the famous Bosch painting Cure for Folly.

  3. desconhecido:

    If I understand this correctly, federal employees who don't work during the government shutdown are going to get paid for the time that they were off, but contractors, and employees of contractors, won't. Your income stream is being throttled and your employees (I assume) will not be paid for the work that they aren't able to do while the actual government employees get what is essentially a paid vacation. It's just vicious and spitefule and I find it infuriating.

  4. NL7:

    It's almost as though the park service is trying to alienate the citizenry and punish them for their insolence.

  5. Joan:

    You are correct it is just plain theater and hopefully there is no academy award for this child like behavior! As a matter of fact the show should be closed...